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Go Global

Make sure you have the right G2M strategy, talent, funding to go global

We are inviting you for a deep dive program where you can have a full picture of requirements to go global including talent, go-to-market strategy and investment options.

Team Meeting


Project Based


Innosance Partners



Defining Business Objectives

Building a G2M Strategy

Finding Talent

Evaluating Funding Alternatives




5 days


For Whom?

  • If you establish revenue stream in your local market and want to penetrate into new markets

  • If you dominate your local market

  • If your startup is capable of expanding its organization and operations

  • If your startup was already funded at least once and ready to scale

  • If you are planning to open your next VC round

  • If you need a deep dive market research and go-to-market strategy

  • If you are able to hire a new country manager and sales managers


  • Scaling a business into a new market requires a different set of management & organizational abilities

  • Expanding into a new market is a huge investment that requires a deep market intelligence and well-designed go-to-market strategy

  • Scaling a business into a new market requires a certain financial resource that needs to be raised or well-planned

  • Scaling a business into a new market requires finding the right people to hire

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