About Us

Innosance (short form of Innovation Renaissance) is a community of startup founders, subject matter experts, and investors that takes startups to the next level of their journey.

Startups can take the advantage of being a part of our global community to penetrate into different markets and scale their business across several regions. This may require training, industry expertise, business services, and capital. We are able to provide them all.


We have an understanding of creating a startup founders community where

  • We focus not only on investment or advisory but also on subject matter expertise

  • We have mentors who have been through a startup experience themselves and are willing to share know-how and experiences 


  • Only those investors who have smart money allowed​​


  • Entrepreneurs are not expected to meet our programs' needs; our programs meet entrepreneurs' needs


  • We approach things like a school in which learning and sharing together is the top priority


  • Instead of talking about cool stuff and using startup jargon, only those who have personally gone through success or fail stories must mentor new entrepreneurs


  • Power of community must be leveraged in order to reach out to the right people

  • Good product/service developers and especially visionaries who are open to learning and growing must overcome structural problems of regional ecosystem​s

How It Works

We provide programs, services, and investment to startups to take them to the next level.


  1. You can reach out to us via info@innosance.com to join the programs and know-how & experience sharing. In turn, we will send a business plan draft for you to fill out to understand yourself and your startup better.

  2. We are evaluating your business plan and reach out to you to go deeper (mostly via video call). (Don't worry if you don't have any business plan at all. This is why we designed Startup Fundamentals and Business Plan 101 programs.)

  3. If we decide to move on, we will either recommend one of our programs/services or leading your investment processes or invest in your startup depending on your business model and stage.

  4. We will keep sharing our know-how and experience before and after the program continuously.


  • We are result-oriented and don't prevent you from doing your work


  • Any stage startups are welcome to join our programs and get invested including early stages as well​

  • While selecting for programs, we prioritize vision, passion, energy, team, motivation to user base, revenue, etc.

  • We select those entrepreneurs and companies who will contribute to our community as well

  • We don't bring investors without money, motivation, proficiency to the table

  • We don't advise on any subjects through which we haven't been

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