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How 3 Founders Rocked A Pitch Night


In an investor pitching, you need to give every aspect of your venture to the audience in a crystal clear way. Inconsistent and non-sense plans, statements are not acceptable. In fact, it helps entrepreneurs themselves understand their own business more than it does investors. In general, an investor pitch needs to include:

  • Opening with an impressive fact or data helps a lot

  • A problem not affecting a small group of people but a major auidences. Even better if it is coming from a personal experience 

  • A solution which is smart, original, attractive

  • Well-studied, deep market analysis and a well-designed, realistic g2m strategy

  • Structured and realistic financials

  • A promising talented team and your company culture to make it great

When you name these items, you will see most of the subjects covered in our Startup Fundamentals program. Either in Silicon Valley or wherever you are, don't try to find a miraculous formulae for fundraising. You just need to learn these from the right seasoned people, do the right things and obviously hardwork. 


As Innosance, we are explaining the basics of being a startup and how founders could overcome chichen-egg problems in an effective way. Also, we need to remember that only a startup calls itself a startup. The rest of the world calls it another business, another company, another product. So, startups need to do the right things of business fundamentals. This includes daunting, boring stuff such as tax, accounting, operational works. Innosance can guide on these with its community's cumulative knowledge.

The Stage is Founders'

Yet, you need to have more to get the result. You need to SELL the output of your work, the genius in it, your vision, character, values, the talent you gathered, how you solved problems without money, the brilliance how you will solve the upcoming ones with money, and your passion. And, you need to speak the language of investors and move with the culture they are familiar with. This is exactly the point directly related to the entrepreneur, beyond any training, mentoring or other type of programs.

As Innosance, we named the related subjects and places to visit to inspire founders. More importantly, we are bringing them together with our network to learn from the first hand. So, we enabled them to started building their network organically. From that moment, the stage was theirs.

  1. The startups our entrepreneurs founded after their personal experiences

  2. Their passion

  3. Their vision

  4. Hardworking the basics which were clarified in the program

  5. Feedback from and familiarization with both daily and business life with the network they built

let our startups take a step forward among all other startups from Australia, Canada, France, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, US in that pitching event. And, don't forget that the first cohort of our program consists of startups who are trying to move to the revenue stage from product stage. Even in their first pitching, the confidence and the competency to sell made us proud and more confident in their future success.

They have a long journey ahead. We hope they will walk stronger with what they learned from Startup Fundamentals and Innosance community which encourages know-how and experience sharing.

Written by


Sarper Celenk

Mentor | Investor



October 5, 2018

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