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Growth Hacking

Understand how to scale and become a profitable business

We are inviting you for a focus program where you can understand how to pivot and scale your business rapidly. Get mentoring from startup founders and subject matter experts to unleash your potential and understand growth hacking.



Onsite :


Innosance Partners

Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Startup Founders



Lean Manufacturing

Design Thinking

Customer Development

Agile Development

Creating Learning Loops


Sales Channel Building

Go-to-Market Strategy




Las Vegas / Online

5 days





Program Benefits

Boutique Hotel Bedroom

FREE Accommodation

You don't need to worry about accommodation costs. We will be hosting you at our own place during your program.

4 nights Las Vegas

Yellow Van

FREE Transportation

All daily transportation for the sessions is provided by us. 

* Accommodation, transportation, demo day included only in onsite program

For Whom?

  • If you founded your startup but haven't established revenue channels

  • If there is a demand for your product in the market but you are not dominating the market

  • If your business survives but not scale

  • If you are looking for a VC investment

  • If you are looking for talent to scale your business

  • If you have early adopters but not loyal customers

  • If you have early adopters but need to improve customer satisfaction

  • If you have early adopters but high churn rate

  • If you have early adopters but competition is leading


  • A lot of startups survive but never scale due to lack of speed, pivoting, resources

  • A lot of startups pay little or no attention to key measures and metrics

  • A lot of startups focus solely on product or pitching that prevents them from understanding target customers' real needs

  • A lot of startups lack of sales channel building capabilities

  • A lot of products developed by startups deserve better sales by building the right go-to-market strategy

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