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Business Plan 101

Learn how to write the first and foremost requirement of a building a business

We are inviting you for a learning program where you can learn how to write a business plan which will be the foundation for your investor deck, finance, sales pitch, and marketing plan.

Digital Work



Innosance Partners

Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Startup Founders




Executive Summary

Company Description

Products & Services

Marketing Plan

Operational Plan

Management & Organization, Startup Expenses & Capitalization

Financial Plan

Refining the Plan



Las Vegas / Online

10 Hours






For Whom?

  • If you need to build a business plan for yourself or your potential investors or government grants

  • If you want to build an executive summary that grabs potential investors' attention

  • If you want to understand the concepts from marketing plan to financials that take place in a business plan

  • If you want to be able to write a business plan that is clear to anyone who reads it

  • If you want to understand how to build financial statements with a proper, standard tables and literature


  • All businesses need an end-to-end plan to make sure there is no inconsistent or non-sense part of it. Startups are no exceptions only because they are startups

  • Startups need to see and understand how interdependent all of their business components before execution starts

  • Startups need to be able to build financial statements with standard literature

  • Startups need to be able to show all details of their business to potential investors

  • Startups need to make sure their business is profitable and have clear goals in theory before execution starts

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