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Business Development

Let us be your business development team


Market Research

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Cost Analysis

Lead Generation

Business Network

Business Model Refinement

Product Localization Consulting

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Professional Meeting

Innosance provides a business development service that perfects your business model, product localization, and go-to-market strategy. Unlike traditional business development, Innosance has the expertise to develop business for startups with innovative products.

Expanding your business into a new market requires market intelligence, a well-designed business model, and an established business network. Missing even one of these will not let your business go alive and it will result in wasting your time and money. Most startups have further difficulties in answering 'who is going to be the first customer and early adopters, how much should I charge' type questions.

* This service is provided by our business development professionals with a fee of $500/month for 20 hours. We charge $25 per each additional hour.

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