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Innosance partners up with Global Food & Beverage Association

Innosance partners up with GFBA -the organizer of Global Food & Beverage Expo- to empower innovative food brands to expand their businesses

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Thursday Talks #2

How to Avoid

Product Failures

In this video, you can understand the why "thinking too much about developing the best product" might be your very first mistake


How 3 Founders Rocked A Pitch Night

In an investor pitching, you need to give every aspect of your venture to the audience in a crystal clear way. Inconsistent and non-sense plans, statements are not acceptable...

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Thursday Talks #5

Business Architecture for Complex Business Models

Fundraising and daily operations can be overwhelming. Familiarize yourself with Biz Architecture to find out flaws and build a scalable business

Webinar yavuz-innosance-sarper celenk-st

Thursday Talks #1: How to Make 'Agile' Work in Fast-Growing Startups?

In this video, you can familiarize yourself with 'Agile Development' and understand wht it is crucial for fast-growing startups.

Modern Office Building

Why Did We Found An Incubator in Las Vegas?

I firmly believe that local startups need to have an access to new ecosystems, new investors, new markets. This need should be satisfied by a well-thought and well-designed structure...


Thursday Talks #3

How Should Be a Core Team of an AR/VR/XR Startup?

We discussed the possibility of creating a new reality and about the efficiency of a core team whose members are from different regions


We Are Creating A High Impact Ecosystem for Startups in Las Vegas

The term “High Impact” is usually used to describe startups themselves, but I want to use it for an ecosystem this time.


GEC 2018 ISTANBUL From Innosance's Perspective

I'd like to share my notes since it was such an event that taught me new things. First of all, I'd like to thank Gozde Kazazoglu SahinTankut Turnaoglu and Procter & Gamble...

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